Hi ! I am Nhân Lưu
A Product Designer/ Creative Thinker

I am now living in Saigon, i have been here since 2010. I moved from my hometown to this city for another milestone of life: get out of the first comfort zone – my family. Since then Saigon and I have made tons of stories to tell. Ten year of joyfully being a Saigonese gives me chances to feel, to understand and to embrace the city.

In near future, i have no plan for relocating myself elsewhere. My “duyên” is tied with this city.


I am the founder and creative leader at TELOS – Branding and Web Developing Agency. Beside that, I am the founder of a social & culture organization name “Explorians Chất Việt“, the team who explore and honor people with their Vietnam-Style creative artworks.

I am also an instructor for Figma class by TELOS Academy. As a generalist, I feel comfortable doing wide range of works from writing, design, creating ideas… to UI/UX, marketing and business.


I love playing with Languages, Culture, Jokes and Music.

I love the languages that I am learning/using right now. I have 結緣 with 6 languages already: Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese),English,中華普通話 (Chinese Mandarin),廣東粵語 (Cantonese), 日本語 (Japanese) and Español. Being a polyglot is one of many things i want to achieve in life.

I speak Vietnamese as a native speaker, communicating-level English and i am on my way of learning proper Chinese Mandarin. I can speak Cantonese at daily level with 喺越南唐人。I have just started learning Spanish for a few months.

I can talk with guitar, play songs and sing the way i like. I did wrote songs on my own.

Here my résumé, take a look and feel free to contact